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We are among a very few great sounding rooms around Chicago. Silvie’s has the in house pro sound PA equipment you need, so besides your instrument and your amp its plug and play. Silvie’s has appreciation for every musician that walks thru the door, so band members, we ask that you “please” treat Silvie’s the same.

We are a very band friendly place thanks to our experienced and dedicated sound staff.  They truly work very hard, so that you can sound your best, but please do your share, cooperate and listen to them. It does not take much! Say hi, introduce your band.  Let them do their best and not just a job.  

Set Times:  45 minutes (varies).




(3) American Dj Mega Bar LED, (2) Chauvet Spinning Gobo LED, (2) Chauvet LED Par, (1) American Dj Black light LED Bar, (1) American Dj Tempest


(4) Beta 58, (2) Sm 58, (1) Ev n/d, (1) Blue encore, (1) Audix om5, (1) Audix i5, (1) Beta 52a

(3) Crown 2000